Thursday, March 3, 2011

Place: Turks & Caicos, Mission: To completely relax at Margaritaville

Arriving in Turks & Caicos, one cannot help but breathe in the fresh air and feel eager to experience an island that is visited by so many each year. Celebrities often vacation here and to be honest, I was keeping my eyes peeled.

Stepping off the boat, my family and I spotted what looked like the entryway to what we hoped would be paradise on the other side. Walking along, we entered an area full of small, private shops; the owners just waiting to lure you in with their shiny jewelry and colorful pieces of cloth. Curious as I am, I couldn’t help but take a peek into a few of these hidden jewels (a.k.a. tourist traps). Luckily for me, and my wallet, I opted to forgo the shiny enticements and instead, decided to rejoin the family before making our way to the excursion we had planned.

Now, anyone who knows me knows just how much I love snorkeling. Hand me a pair of flippers and a snorkel and I’m ready to go. This snorkeling excursion in Grand Turk was no different. I was excited and ready to see the wonders that Trunk Bay had to offer. You can imagine my disappointment when I was strapped and ready to go and all I wound up seeing was a big, black tire. The moment I spotted the monstrosity, I heard that “wha whaaaaaa” sound. Aside from that, the water was murky, something that I highly dislike when swimming in the ocean. Personally, I like to be able to see what is beneath me.

Deciding that this little snorkeling adventure was a bust, the family and I hailed the next trolley and made our way back to the cruise ship loading area. This doesn’t mean that we went back to the ship…no way; we still had plenty of time left on the island. So, what did we do? Well, after spotting the large blue flip flop, we decided that spending the rest of our day in Grand Turk, at Margaritaville, would hit the spot.

Loud music was playing as tourists and locals moved around and through the tables, all in their board shorts and bikinis. A small pool sat off to the side, giving those who wanted to take a quick dip, a chance to “beat the heat.” Spotting an open table, my family and I agreed that food was in order, so what did we order? Nachos! And boy, were those good nachos.

You’re probably wondering where the mention of drinks have gone. Like I would go to Margaritaville and not get a drink. The wonderful picture below showcases my mom, my sister and I enjoying a nice, relaxing drink. I opted for a strawberry margarita and in that little tube; that would be a rum shot…a bit too potent for my liking.
As the hours began to wind down for us, I decided that spending a day at Margaritaville definitely made up for the snorkeling bust earlier that day. Before we left however, I had to buy myself a t-shirt. It is tradition for my sister and me, every time we visit a Margaritaville, to buy a souvenir. I believe the shirt I bought said it all and is something I often wish for when sitting at my desk at work… “It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere.”


Meri said...

This looks like heaven. That "five o clock somewhere" quote reminds me of, "It's BEER THIRTY!" haha.
I want to go here!

-Kelsey said...

Hey! found you on 20sb! I'm currently living on the island of Grenada while my husband is attending medical school... always an adventure here. unfortunately no hard rock's, no margaritaville's, just a KFC :(

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