Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Critics: Don't Listen to Them

A good friend of mine is in the starting leg of an amazing 140 + day, world trip. Bitten by the travel bug, much like me, she is far more experienced and "worldly" than I at this point in our lives. Having studied abroad while in college, and currently studying in New Zealand, she has traveled far and wide, and yet, her hunger for travel continues, much like mine.

In a recent blog article, she wrote about her critics and those who find her passion for travel to be shall we say, an excuse to get away from the troubles of life. In response to her blog article, I wrote her with full intentions of showing my support for her passion.

You see, the two of us became friends because a dear and close friend of mine was dating her. Once I discovered her intrigue for traveling, we clicked instantly. Ever since, we have remained close and often talk about our future travels and how we will one day run into each other while gallivanting around the world. 

I would like to share with you what I wrote, in hopes that, for any of you who wish to travel but have many of those same critics, that you will not give up hope, but instead, travel anywhere and everywhere.

"Casey - I have been told that I am irresponsible and immature for wanting to spend my money on traveling -- that I'm not taking the "responsible" route and money for an apartment, etc...

I find it deplorable that people would stomp on my dreams simply because they cannot bring themselves to enjoy the wonders of this world. Traveling is not meant to wait until we are old and is meant for all ages, at any stage in life.

Of course, my philosophy is "do it while you're young." Thankfully, I have the support of my family and close friends who witness my irresistible urge to travel and actually support me in this.

Never listen to those critics...they'll never understand or appreciate the art of traveling and its ability to mold us travelers into well-rounded people who 1) don't take for granted the earth in which we live 2) can see life for more than its pithy arguments and differences, but instead, find the similarities that bond us together, and 3) love to experience life outside the normal routine of every day life.

You and I were given a gift, the gift of wanderlust. To travel the world is to learn, live and most of all, love.

I know my mini-rant here may sound cheesy, but it's true. Not many people are given this gift, and to those who have it, it will never be a gift that is taking for granted. It will never be satisfied.

One thing I've always told myself, since I've been bitten by the travel bug, is when I die, I want to look back and say that I stepped outside my comfort zone, that I faced the world and all its beauty, that I experienced a world that despite all of its differences, is a world of hope and adventure.

No country or culture is meant to be learned through a textbook, instead, it was meant for us to see and experience first-hand.

Safe travels my beautiful friend.

Travel buddies for life -- Nicole"

For any of you who follow my blog and would like to follow hers, visit

I promise, you won't be disappointed :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

So Embarrassed....

I am so incredibly embarrassed. I have never let myself go this long without blogging. Life sometimes takes unexpected turns, creating less and less time for "pleasurable" activites and "reflective" activities like blogging.

In 23 days, I will be leaving for 2 1/2 weeks to Germany and Poland. To say I am excited is an understatement. The chance to see even more of this wide and amazing world, I'm forever grateful and humbled.  However, as excited as I am, there are still so many things left to do before I book my tours, buy all the necessary items needed when traveling, plan my days, etc...

My devotion to planning may be extreme to some, but the way I look at it, if I'm spending the money and the time, I'm going to make sure every single moment of every day is filled with doing something and seeing something I may never get the chance to see again.

I will be lucky enough to take my iPad with me on this trip, and fully intend on blogging while I am away.  I will keep all of you up-to-date on my trip and look forward to sharing my amazing vacation with all of you.

Thank you for being so loyal and understanding during my time away. I hope to provide you with a look inside another part of the world here very soon!!!!