Friday, February 18, 2011

A Private Cabana

I’m walking along the cushiony sand; my toes disappearing beneath the granules. The crashing waves to my left capture my attention and I look to see a wide ocean of blue, complete with a colorful balloon hovering above the water below; an anxious or excited parasailer looking down into the depths.

The large white cruise ship sits in the distance, providing the perfect postcard shot; however, my sights are now set on the miniature, intimate house that I will take up residence in for the next few hours. Its green exterior blends in with the atmosphere surrounding me. My parents, sister, and I set down our things and are welcomed by a man carrying fruit and drinks; he fills our refrigerator and kindly explains the delicacies he has brought us.

My eyes wander over the plate of fresh, juicy strawberries; plump grapes that create an explosion in your mouth when bitten into; slices of kiwi and honeydew that provide your taste buds with a welcoming hello.

Stripping out of my shorts and tank top, I step out onto the deck and breathe in the air around me. Reaching for my sunscreen, I apply a generous amount before sinking my toes back into the sand and setting up shop on my towel for a bed. The sun beats down on me and I can feel the heat penetrating my skin; a welcomed feeling that helps me to relax and enjoy my time in this tropical haven.

The birds make themselves known as they vocalize themselves while flying overhead; a welcomed sound that helps to add to the beach bum attitude I’m currently sporting. The Bahaman breeze feels warm, as if it and the sun are working close together to make me feel completely and utterly relaxed.

My body starts to cry out for some sort of relief; it burns from the sun exposure. Stepping into the waters of Half Moon Cay, I feel instant relief against my skin. I wade out until I’m chest deep into the water, not fearful of what lies beneath me. My eyes break through the transparent waters as it ripples around my body. My feet kick up and suddenly I am on my back, floating through ocean. I can hear laughter and screams from far away, alerting me of the other beachgoers; I simply smile and fall back into my floating heaven.

Quenching my body of its thirst, the only thing left parched is my mouth. I make my way back to our little cabana home and greeting me are the lush strawberries that beat a vibrant red on the plate. Grabbing its green stem, I bit into it and am immediately satisfied. A bottle of water waits in the cooler as I twist off its top and drink it down. My mom joins me at the small table; a tray of salsa and guacamole stares back at us, along with the bowl of chips. Unable to say no, we eagerly partake in the special treat.

As the day progresses and time slips away, we pack up our things and bid adieu to Half Moon Cay. Taking my final steps off the small deck, I hate to see it go. With my bag on my shoulder, we walk back to our stop, leaving our small private cabana behind.


mice_aliling said...

ooohhh the Bahamas. Can't wait to hear more of it. you must take a lot of photos :) I haven't been there but it's part of the plan in a few years or so.

Jet-Setting Divas said...

oooo when we cruised we went to Jamaica but I promise I'm going to think about this post before I go to sleep so I can have sweet dreams! Aren't cruises lovely?! All the fresh fruit & food you can eat!

Fatty Cake Heather said...

Wow this post made me want to cry! I'm stuck in knee deep snow, freezing my butt off, sunless for countless days... And the way you describe food! OMG! You are a genius! Anyhow, thanks for stopping by the Fatty Cake Girls Club again. I think 8lbs in 6wks is great. Its ideal! Especially in the winter (assuming wherever you are its winter too). Keep up the good work and don't get frustrated! And keep writing this beautiful stuff!

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