Monday, March 7, 2011

Hard Rocks Around the World

If you noticed in my last post, I mentioned that it is a tradition for my sister and me, to find a Hard Rock Café wherever we travel. Whether we are in Dallas, Texas; Maui, Hawaii; Destin, Florida; or Rome, Italy, we always find the Hard Rock.

Hard Rock Cafe in Rome

You see, after stepping into the Hard Rock Café in Orlando, Florida, many, many years ago, we both sort of fell in love with the atmosphere and food. The chance to see some of the music industry’s most amazing pieces of memorabilia is something we thoroughly enjoy. No matter what Hard Rock you go into, you’ll always find something that makes you go, “Wow, look at that!” Whether it was a pink Cadillac that hung over the bar in Maui or the gondolas “parked” outside the one in Venice, each Hard Rock Café provides its own uniqueness that keeps tourists coming back for more.

Some of the Hard Rock Café’s we’ve visited are:

Rome, Italy
Venice, Italy
Paris, France
Orlando, Florida
Turks & Caicos
Destin, Florida
Maui & Oahu, Hawaii
Washington, D.C.
Baltimore, Maryland
Dallas, Texas
St. Louis, Missouri
Memphis, Tennessee
Nassau, Bahamas
Grand Cayman
San Juan, Puerto Rico
St. Maarten

Gondolas outside the Hard Rock in Venice
Providing their customers with an array of food ranging from deliciously, mouthwatering cheeseburgers to a mountain of nachos piled high with cheese, jalapenos, and beans…it is rare that anyone ever leave feeling hungry.
Of course, after eating, we tend to make our way towards the souvenir shop where our tradition takes effect. When we visit some place new, it isn’t always about eating there, but instead, buying something so that we may add to our collection. I can’t count how many Hard Rock t-shirts I own, but I would say no less than 20. (Many have come from the same place…just visited multiple times)

This is just one of the quirks we will always do when we travel and I will continue to add to my collection in my future travels. I am curious though; do you have any travel traditions? Certain places you have to go? Things you must see? I love hearing about people’s traditions!
Paris Hard Rock Cafe


ali said...

That's a neat tradition! I think I need to come up with something like that. I mean, I buy something everywhere I go (does that count?) but there's no theme to it.

Your blog is great by the way!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I have only been to one Hard Rock in my life, and it was the one in DC on a camp trip about 100 years ago. But I do remember loving the atmosphere, and the burger i had was delish!

I have no travel traditions, but this has inspired me to start one!!

Nicole said...

LOL Of course that counts ali :) And thank you for the sweet compliment. I'm so glad you are enjoying it!

Alyssa...I really liked the one in D.C. but I have to say, my favorites are the one in Maui and the one in Venice. The one in Venice is the smallest Hard Rock Cafe in the world LOL

iuli said...

I too go to HRC all around the world. I used to collect the shirts, but then I never wore them and they are really expensive. I ended up doing a cool project with them and turning them all into a neat quilt! Now I collect the vintage pins. My first HRC experience was Newport Beach, Cali. One of my first trips ever, i was really young. Bartender was super nice and "autographed" my menu like a rockstar! It was awesome!

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