Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Reviews for All You Travel Lovers

Well...I've got some more reviews for all of you to check out! For those of you who don't know, I have a list of movies and books that I'm wanting to watch and read; all travel-related in some way. Please give me your recommendations as I love to hear them!


Roman Holiday: So many of you mentioned that this movie was without a doubt, a must-not-miss for travel lovers such as myself. Well, I took your advice and let Audrey and Gregory take me through the beautiful and amazing city of Rome. Having visited this lovely city, I found myself reflecting back to my time spent there. Although it was only three days, I frequently sighed and “awed” when they arrived at the Mouth of Truth, when they sped past the Colosseum, and when Audrey ate her gelato on the Spanish Steps. Although I am not one for sappy love stories, I couldn’t help but find myself wishing that these two would remain together at the end of the movie. Mr. Peck was quite a handsome man and of course, we all know how beautiful Mrs. Hepburn was during her time…it’s no wonder he ended up falling for her. To spend a day seeing and experiencing the city of Rome, I can relate to Audrey in that Rome is a wonderful place to break away from the norm and open your eyes to an incredible world.

Before Sunrise: I watched this movie just the other day and as much as I love Ethan Hawke, I was a bit disappointed in this movie. I have yet to watch its sequel, Before Sunset, but this movie left me with a “Seriously?” reaction when it was over. Meeting on a train, Ethan Hawke convinces Julie Delpy to get off the train with him in Vienna, delaying her arrival to Paris. Spending an entire day (and night) going, doing, and seeing the sights of the Vienna, the attraction they felt on the train grows stronger and it becomes more difficult to come to terms with the inevitable sunrise that will rise in just hours. When they must part ways the next day, they promise to meet at the same spot six months from that time. Unfortunately, since I have yet to watch the sequel, I am unsure as to how this plays out. As much as I didn’t care for the storyline, I must say, seeing the sights of Vienna, I desperately want to visit this city. The architecture, the parks, the customs and traditions…all of it drew me in.

A Good Year: I literally just finished watching this movie and I’m still a bit unsure as to how I feel about it. For those of you who are unaware of this movie, it features Russell Crowe, Albert Finney, Marion Cotillard, and Abbie Cornish. Crowe is big in the investment brokerage business, in London, and comes to inherit his uncle’s vineyard in Provence, France. Now, as much of a jerk as he is in the film, you find something charming about Mr. Crowe. Aside from that though, the chateau and vineyard that you see throughout most of the movie is absolutely breathtaking. If I could sit out on that large patio and have the sight rows upon rows of grapevines staring back at me…I’d be one happy woman. You don’t get to see much of Provence itself, except for a few pieces here and there; however, as I said before, the chateau and vineyard makes up for it. I would recommend you to see this movie and form your own conclusions. If anything, it made me want to grab a glass of wine, a great book, a pair of shades, and close my eyes and imagine I’m in Provence.


Without Reservations by Alice Steinbach: For anyone who wants to just throw caution to the wind, who has paid their dues in the working world, and who has put everyone before themselves in life, you will definitely relate to Alice Steinbach. This woman works as a journalist in Baltimore and spends much of her life interviewing others and learning about their lives (much like me). Somewhere along the way, she feels she has lost herself and decides to take a sabbatical from work. Traveling to France, Italy, and the UK, she gets the experience of a lifetime. Not only does she visit places that she believes to be important to her and vital to see, but she meets a man who makes a strong impact on her and you find yourself rooting for them to have a long lasting relationship. She takes dancing lessons in the UK, spends many of her days sipping coffee and taking in the sights of Paris, and visits vineyards and elegant shops in Italy…she finds herself again, all while getting the experience of a lifetime as an independent woman.

Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes: I’ve decided that in regards to this book, I actually favored the movie over the book. The movie provides I believe a look into a woman who is truly discovering herself and what she is able to accomplish independently. Stepping away from an American life and the ho-hum routine of everyday life, she creates a new life for herself in Tuscany (Bramasole). In the book, the storyline is COMPLETELY different. Ninety percent of the book is about the renovations Frances and her husband deal with in regards to their new home. As much as I love reading about the Tuscan hillside and olive groves, it was a bit boring at times. However, I would never go as far as to say it was a boring book over all, just not as “lively” as the film adaptation.

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts: I just finished this book and all I can say is that it is by far, one of the best travel books I’ve ever read. Rolf Potts is a genius when it comes to travel. Not only does he provide you tips and advice on the best ways to fund your ventures, but he provides insight and personal stories as to the best ways to really get something out of your adventure. As a vagabond, a person must really see the world instead of just seeing the sights and moving on. It’s all about finding yourself out on the open road and seeing the world for what it really is. The best thing I took away from reading this book is to quit making excuses. You can go wherever you want; money shouldn’t matter. If you want to make it happen and if you want to travel, you have to make some sacrifices.


Keri said...

I love Roman Holiday! SO cute.
I know I've seen A Good Year but I don't really remember it, I will have to watch again.
I might have to pick up one of those books too. I loved the movie Under the Tuscan Sun

iuli said...

So glad you liked Roman Holiday! One of my favs!

Marie said...

I've seen Roman Holiday (one of my faves) and A Good Year, love them both! Will have to check out Before Sunrise as well :) Just saw your blog on Alyssa's page, Fleur de Lyss, now following!

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