Saturday, June 25, 2011

Greece or New Zealand???

I need your help...or maybe really some advice. I'm trying to decide between two unbelieveably beautiful destinations to visit next year, around May. A good friend of mine is moving to Wellington, New Zealand and I would love more than anything to go visit her and to see a place I've dreamed of seeing for years and years. To see the waterfalls, the beaches, and all the beautiful scenery, it just seems like an amazing place to see.

However, I have been doing some research and looking into various places in Greece, and let's just say, I am completely in love with Greece and I haven't even been yet! If I go to Greece, I'm thinking I'll only be able to go for a week, maybe a little bit longer. I've already decided that part of mine time would be spent in Athens and the other part of my time in Santorini.

So, this is where you guys come in...what advice do you have for me in choosing between these two places? Is May a good time to visit either of them? What do I absolutely, without a doubt, HAVE to do in these places?


iuli said...

I haven't been to New Zealand yet, but my parents went and rented a car and traveled around for three weeks. The basic message I got form them when I go down there, that is the way to do it - give myself plenty of time and really do as much as possible in that trip. The cost of getting down there is pretty high, so you really want to take advantage of it with a good length trip. That's just my two cents there.

As for Greece, I was there for three weeks. I spent 5 days in Athens (you really only need 2) and two weeks island hoping and another week going around to all the mainland sites. Overall, I had a great time and really was able to relax. I was there at the end of May and the weather was perfect, though a bit breezy/cool on the first beach we went to at Mykonos. Santorini and Athens are definitely must-do's, if you want to go to a more typical beach island check out Mykonos or Ios (since Santorini is more about the views ... ).

Those are just my thoughts. Like I said, i havent been to NZ either ... but I really want to get there too!

Cant wait to hear what you decide!

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week!! Wow, I don't think I could decide between New Zealand and Greece!! Both sound fabulous!!

Have a great day!


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