Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Perils of Being Young

So, I had this grand plan to arrive home from my trip and finish the blogging I was hoping to maintain while I was away; however, the insanity knows as work and life has kept me from being able to do so. Being able to share my travels with so many of you, it is was fuels me to continue my pursuits of the world. I just apologize that my ability to keep up has seriously lacked since my return.

Some of you may understand this...the craziness that is life. Ever since I returned, my life has been a serious roller coaster of emotion, both physical, mental and even spiritual. Don't get me wrong, I haven't and will NEVER lose the desire to travel, but much soul-searching has taken place that has led me to question my ability to travel as often as I would like.

There are multiple opportunities out there for me to take advantage of, where travel is related. Of course, I am talking about opportunities that would allow me to travel (not on my dime necessarily). Unfortunately, I have come to the realization that in most instances, I will never receive this chance. Although I am uncertain of the actual reason, I have a firm belief that due to my young age, many believe I am unable to fully plan and execute a successful trip. Yet, somehow I have planned and executed THREE major trips (i.e. France and Italy, Ireland, and Germany, Poland and Austria). From the airfare, hotels, tours, train rides, inner country flights, and more, I have planned each aspect with no issue or problem whatsoever.

As a young person, this is something I struggle with all of the time...not only with travel but in all facets of life. But in particular with travel, many people believe that you must be older (and wiser) to be able to plan and take a trip like I have. My age apparently makes me "incapable, less mature, and less knowledgeable" about the world around me. This mentality disgusts me.

How many people do you know who look back on their life and say, "Gosh, I really wish I would have done that" or "Man, why didn't I do that when I was younger." Well guess what, I AM doing all of this while I am young. As I've said before, people should not wait until they are older to travel. SO many circumstances can occur that might possibly hinder your ability to do all the things you wish you would have done while you were young.

I realize this has become a soapbox for me, but I feel the need to make this statement...anyone who is young and is being made to feel like you are incapable of doing what society says your older and more "mature" peers are better prepared and equipped to do, don't listen to them. They are jealous that you are living and doing exactly what they have craved for so long but are afraid to admit, and they fall into the mold that believes responsibility means getting a job and paying bills, not "wasting" your money on traveling - a "luxury" that should be enjoyed when you're older and more "mature."

When it comes to traveling, all ages should embrace its power to change a person's viewpoint, thought process, or even one's life. Just because someone is younger does not lessen their credibility. I will never stop traveling this wide world and I am damn proud of my ability to plan unforgettable trips. Yes, things happen on trips that can be detrimental (i.e. getting robbed, assaulted, etc...); however, although many in the older generations would push that off on being "naive," I am certain that naivety occurs throughout all generations and bad things don't only happen to young people.

So, to anyone out there who believes we are ridiculous for pursuing our dreams, or who believe I am irresponsible for wanting to travel, grow up. At least I won't be the one at the end of my life saying, "Man, I wish I would have done that when I was younger."


Sony Xperia V GPS said...

Indeed, there are perils of being especially when it comes to traveling because no one i there to assist you when it comes to directions and transportation. Also, you don't know how to make a strategy in order to make less on your expenses.

Traveler24 said...

I beg to differ regarding strategy. Just because you are young does not mean you are unable to strategize the best way to get by on a tight budget. Also, when moving from one place to another, I have been perfectly capable finding my way around without the assistance of others.

Age doesn't matter in these instances whatsoever. To think that they do makes a person ignorant.

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