Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Found Atlantis!

For any of you who have been to Nassau in the Bahamas, I am sure you have either seen or visited the monstrosity that is Atlantis. A hotel that stands high above the blue waters, it shines of pink paint and looks like something off the cover of The Little Mermaid. Although it is far too expensive to stay within its rooms, one must make time to visit its grounds.

Visiting this site, one can enjoy the beauty of its indoor murals, aquarium, glass work and outdoor paths and walkways. On one particular visit, my family and I decided to pay the somewhat steep price, and walk through the hotel’s aquarium. I have been to my share of aquariums and I must say this one was something else. Creatures of all kinds swim within its waters, providing onlookers with a look into the sea life that calls Atlantis its home.

Zeus, a massive manta ray that was released into the "wild" not long after our visit
Outside, while walking along its many pathways, you will find that beneath you, fish, turtles and other sea creatures provide an extra bit of entertainment as you take in the exterior of the hotel. One year, at Christmas, the boating area, filled with yachts and sailboats, led me to imagine just how amazing it would be to spend the holiday down in the Caribbean, listening to steel drums play Christmas songs while I lay out on the deck of my own personal boat…*sigh* maybe that is what Santa can bring me this year…my own boat and a docking slip in the Bahamas!


Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post?!?! *yells at reading list* lol

I went to Atlantis my first trip to the Bahamas. Just to browse since we were on a cruise. We were able to see a nice portion of the main area and outside, but the minute we stepped onto the grounds with what looked like a garden? We were told we needed passes. How expensive were they? We didn't get them since we were only there for a few hours.

I really hope Santa gets you that boat!!

Nicole said...

We've never had to pay for passes. Hmm...interesting. The only thing we've ever had to pay for was to go through the aquarium. It is pretty pricey but most definitely worth it!

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