Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cruise Ship Surprises

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you might notice the lovely little surprises that you might find during your time on the boat. Of course there is the luxury of having your bed made and turned down, a freshly cleaned shower each day and all of your meals prepared for you, but there is the few small surprises that help to bring that smile up just a bit further on your face.

One of my personal favorites is the towel animals that greet you in the evenings (usually after dinner). These little white creations can include a monkey, elephant, stingray, swan or even a frog! Carnival Cruise Ships often like to offer classes to show guests how they can recreate these animals at home. Although I’ve never taken one of these classes, I can guarantee that no matter how hard you try, don’t get your hopes up too much. Your towel animals will doubtfully look as good as the ones your stewards make each night.

To make the cruise ship vacation even better, walking into your bathroom to find a small bowl full of sample size toiletries can always bring a smile to my face. Placed in this bundle of fun can be a variety of things. I’ve brought home disposable razors (the much better brand razors), Tylenol PM, Pepcid (that will more than likely be used during your trip because of all the food you will eat) and even maybe some sweet treats to satisfy that sweet tooth most of us have.

Finally, each night, along with your towel animal, you will also find your bed turned down, a “Carnival Caper” (if you travel Carnival that is) and an appropriately placed chocolate square lying on your pillow. Unfortunately for me, eating solid chocolate gives me a migraine so I have to pass mine off to my sister who is happy to take it off my hands. However, it is a very sweet gesture from the cabin stewards to make sure you have something sweet to end your night.

So my friends, if you’ve read my previous posts about cruising, you should know by now that taking a cruise is an excellent way to travel (at least through the Caribbean). The food, the surprises and the excursions should be enough to persuade you to go; however, if you are still not convinced, stay tuned because I have much more to tell you about cruising vacations.


Anonymous said...

I hate that Royal doesn't do chocolates anymore! And they only do towel animals every other night:( Regardless, they are always such a fun treat! My parents went to the towel animal making class, and from them I learned how to do the monkey! Well a headless monkey, but its still a monkey!

Laura said...

How I love those animals. So much fun!

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